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One of the topics many people write about on business sites now are about content and content organization. With how much content is being created every single day, largely on the Internet, it’s probably not surprising that all of that content needs to be organized effectively so people can find the information and solutions they seek.

Having the proper system in place for this can make your life so much easier, regardless if you need the content for a business presentation or just to have facts to be able to discuss topics with your friends.

The Best Apps For Organizing Content Online

Today’s marketers wear so many hats as content creators, social media managers, content curators, project collaborators, and so forth. It is no surprise that today’s marketers are busier than ever. In fact, there is so much to do but so little time to achieve all this. Increasing your productivity is one way to solve this dilemma. Instead of having to sacrifice your sleep and free time, why not use some of the best apps and software on the market to organize your online content? This article provides information on the best apps for organizing content online.

Most marketers find it difficult to create a constant stream of new and engaging content to attract new customers to their websites and blogs. Here are some tools that will not only streamline the content creation process, but simplify the process as well.

  • Bundlepost – This is a popular tool that will simplify the content creation process¬†for marketers out there. If you are currently using Google Alerts to receive notifications of certain phrases and topics, you may understand how difficult it is to convert these alerts into original content. This is where Bundlepost comes in. It is equipped with a content curation tool to auto save those daily alerts as social media posts. All you need to do is spend a few minutes a day to review these alerts and decide what to share. The application will add hashtags, schedule, and export the content to Hubspot, Buffer, Hootsuite, and other tools.
  • ContentGems – This is a tool that will save you quite a lot of time by monitoring more than 200,000 blogs, news feeds, and other sources. The tool will then filter its finds based on your defined interests. You are able to set up alerts for keywords, social signals, and other important indicators. The tool will help you share all this content with just one-click.
  • Directr for Business – This is another important tool that helps you organize your online content (specifically visual content like videos). In fact, a video is one of the most powerful content forms on the net that will help convert your visitors into sales. The latest statistics reveal that more than 85% of consumers reported they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. But, creating video content is quite time-consuming. This is where Directr for Business comes in handy. This app is now a Google Tool which makes the process of creating awesome videos extremely easy.
  • Sorc’d¬†– This is another tool that assists in content aggregation functions. Anyone using Google Drive from a tablet knows how messy that interface can be. Sorc’d helps skip the frustration and allow you to quickly and effectively organize and manage your content online.

In conclusion, content creation is essential to improve the brand visibility of your business. Unfortunately, content creation and organization is one of the more time-consuming and costly tasks with most companies in 2016. Because of that, making use of effective tools can not only make that process easier, it can save a lot of money and create a positive ROI in the long run.